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General & Cosmetic Dental Services in Venice, FL

Today’s Dentistry in Venice, FL truly cares about your health and comfort, no matter what you’re coming in for. Whether a simple cleaning and filling or for more advanced dental care such as extractions, crowns and root canals, you will always be greeted with a smile and probably even some laughs. Dr. Griffiths’ humor is gentle, but effective—much like his dental care. Our entire team of knowledgeable and highly trained staff are not only extremely capable, but also deeply compassionate and caring. We know it isn’t common to imagine belly laughs and dental visits in the same thought, but our office is happy to change that for you!

Whole Care Dentistry Services

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth don’t have the white and clean look you desire, your smile and subsequent daily comfort can really suffer. It is important to have your teeth whitening done by a professional office as some home kits and teeth whitening toothpastes can actually be detrimental to your enamel and overall oral health. We’ll provide a thorough examination to determine the best course of action to lighten your teeth and brighten your smile!


If you have lost a tooth or need to have one removed for the betterment of your dental health, implants are a long lasting and extremely sturdy replacement option. This procedure involves total removal of the former tooth and root to implant a new titanium tooth root in its place. From there, we will attach a new tooth, matched to the shape and color of your existing, healthy teeth. Unless you tell someone it’s an implant, they’ll never know.


Crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth can cause discomfort, leave room for bacteria to fester, and/or reduce your overall confidence. For some, the idea of braces is hard to face, either due to the uncomfortable procedures involved, or because of the visible nature and discomfort of the long process. With Invisalign, we’ll create anywhere between 18-30 removable and washable clear aligners to get your teeth straight and your alignment healthy.

LANAP: Laser Periodontal Therapy

If you are experiencing gum sensitivity such as red swollen gum lines that easily bleed and are sensitive to the touch, it is imperative to your oral and overall health to see a dentist immediately. Periodontal disease can be treated, although gums cannot grow back, so early and serious treatment is crucial. LANAP laser therapy is the most effective procedure and Dr. Griffiths is one of only a few doctors in the entire state with this certification.

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