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Today’s Dentistry in Venice, FL provides all major and minor dental services from simple fillings and cleanings to implants, dentures, laser periodontal therapy and Invisalign. In our office, we treat you like family and do our best to ensure you have a pleasant visit. Dr. Griffiths and his staff work diligently to make every patient comfortable with their calm, caring and gentle atmosphere, as well as impeccably clean office.

Whether you are in need of family dentistry or individual dental care, we are happy to help you smile! Today’s Dentistry is seeing and accepting patients across all age ranges from childhood through the elder years of life for all manners of crucial dental care. We deeply believe in whole body care and examine your oral health with your overall health in mind. As the health of your teeth and gums can greatly affect or be affected by your body’s total health, we perform thorough examinations bearing all of this in mind. We don’t throw a “bandaid” over a problem, we work to resolve and restore total oral health, and subsequent comfort for the best quality of life.

We’re Your Neighbors, And We’re Here To Help You Maximize The Health Of Your Smile.
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